Commercial Diving School

This site is the home of JACKS DIVE CHEST COMMERCIAL DIVE SCHOOL the oldest operating COMMERCIAL DIVE SCHOOL in Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA est. in 1993 Sept.
The 3 directors (Nic Bartlett & Trevor Bailey) of the company have got a combined 100 years of hands on experience in the diving industry.

hometopWe are a young training institution with vibrant and dynamic staff. We are situated in the Strand,which is approximately 45 km north east of Cape Town, South Africa where the mighty Atlantic ocean pounds the scenic shores relentlessly.

The Atlantic ocean and in particular our part of the coastline teems with an abundance of sea life ranging from tiny sea horses to the very busy and large cape fur seal and even larger gigantic humpback whales.

We are situated in a winter rainfall area and during May – August the winters are wet and cold, with the average temperature being 18 degrees. In summer the sun is unforgiving and punishes the earth and everything else not accustomed to its deadly rays.

This is a true men of men habitat and with the Atlantic ocean being on average 16 degrees, at the very least 7mm neoprene territory.

The waters we dive in range in depth from 1m to 30m and the occasional humpback whale has been encountered on dives where the visibility ranges from 0m to 10m.


The emphasis of our dive courses is practicality practicality practicality!

Between the 3 directors we are very aware of what is expected of you when you get involved in the off shore diving industry and we will prepare properly for this.